Flocare ENFit Gastrostomy Tube Ch18 Red | Carton of 2

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  • Transparent silicone tube, complete length approximately 23cm
  • Distance marking printed in centimetres from the balloon onwards for easy visual control of position
  • Latex and DEHP-free materials
  • Silicone external retention disc for fixation and kink-free bending of the tube, for maximum patient comfort
  • Quick release clamp to assist with control of flow during bolus feeding (i.e to prevent backflow of gastric contents/feed)
  • Silicone internal retention balloon
  • Tubing in balloon contains radiopaque line
  • Soft rounded end makes insertion into the stoma comfortable and easy
  • ENFit patient end connection
  • Range of sizes suitable for adults and children


  • The placement of a gastrostomy tube is indicated for long-term gastric feeding and/or stomach decompression
  • As a replacement tube in a previously established stoma

Recommendations for Use


  • Follow the Flocare ENFit G-tube guidelines on placement and daily care
  • Follow hygienic rules when handling feed, tubes and feeding sets
  • Flush the tube before and after feed and medication administration, at least 3 times a day
  • Colour of the balloon inflation port indicates Charriere size - the balloon advised filling volume is printed on the tube shaft and the inflation port:
  • Green: Ch14 Balloon, contents: 5ml
  • Red: Ch18 Balloon, contents: 15ml
  • Yellow: Ch20 Balloon, contents: 15ml

Important Notice Gastrostomy tubes should not be placed in the presence of an infected stoma site, ascites or peritoneal carcinoma

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