Who we are

Our role is to provide you with ease and opportunities. We take pride in delivering services to our clients. Kalon Meraki is a compassionate organization. We are knowledgeable stakeholders committed to providing an innovative service within a fun and trustworthy environment.

Our vision

We are Australia’s leading services providers that support complex medical needs and the disability industry. We are passionate and committed to helping people with disabilities. We believe in providing knowledge and understanding for participants to get the most out of their NDIS plans.

Who we are

In a bid to make the lives of families with special needs children better, Kalon + Meraki leverages the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) in Australian scheme that provides lifetime support for people with a permanent or significant disability to make sure that families get the full measure of its benefits. Having a wealth of experience in all ramifications, Kalon + Meraki seeks to be the bridge between the gap of navigating the NDIS and living a normal fulfilling family life.We are all about helping families get the best out of their NDIS plans so they can live life to the fullest and achieve their dreams. We understand what it’s like to navigate life in a complex disability world in Australia. We know that behind every NDIS plan, there is a person with a deep story to tell deserving of the best care in the world and an endless stream of love. So every connection with a customer for Kalon + Meraki is an opportunity to make a real difference and change lives positively. We draw from our personal experiences, the ups, and downs to provide quality outcomes for every single client that comes our way, taking the extra time to listen and understand your specific needs before we take any action so that we can yield only positive results.

Tailored solutions

We work with you to get the most out of your NDIS Plan. Our clients come to us in various places, some already have a current Plan and others are in the process of setting up their first Plan. Wherever you are in your journey we can help. Call us for a no obligation discussion on how you can maximise the benefits of your plan.

We are for participants

Our role is to provide you with ease and opportunities.We take pride in delivering services to our clients.

Developmentally focused

Individualized strategies for change are created for every child. We need to use strategies that challenge but do not overwhelm children.

We affirm that all participants should be able to realize their goals in life. Lives can changed because of the services we provide. We are a place where talented and driven people want to work. People feel heard and provided for while doing business with us. Our dream is big! We see a future where we can support even more people round the country. No one is limited by their disability and everyone can achieve their true potential. We are not only on our customer’s side but by their side, every step of the way.

Driven by a passion for the work we do and our own lived experiences, we know that every NDIS plan is a person with a story to tell. We work together with our customers to make a real difference in their lives. We listen and we see the fullness of each customer. Our philosophy is quality outcomes for our clients, providing time and understanding of their specific needs. We work together and establish the best out comes for individuals.

Our CARE Principles

Our CARE principles are that we use to guide our work with children, young people, and families. These principles help us understand the impact of trauma on a child’s development. They help us teach children skills in a developmentally appropriate way. Our carers apply this model in the way they look after, teach, guide, and support children.

Ecologically oriented

We are passionate about our work. We believe every child needs a caring and supportive environment. We provide helpful models showing them how to care for themselves and others. Our goal is to provide life opportunities and a fulfilling self-wellbeing

Relationship based

Children need trusting and meaningful relationships with the adults who care for them. With the right relation and support all children can build emotional and social confidence in all areas of their lives.

Trauma informed

We value the importance of considering the impact of trauma can have on a child’s development. We modify our expectations and interactions accordingly.

Family involved

A child’s identity is with their family, community, and culture. Involving family and supporting cultural connections is a vital component of well-being and permanency.

Competency centred

Children develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need to negotiate everyday life.