60cm Y Port ENFit Extension Set including right angle connector and clamp

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The Medicina range of extension sets are made of kink resistant, biocompatible polyurethane. They are equipped with ENFit connectors according to ISO80369-3 and Danumed’s innovative rotating connector, the ENSwivel.
ENSwivel allows easy connection and disconnection. Even very tight connections can be easily and comfortably released.
Only the rotating swivel is turned. This avoids twisting of extension set and feeding tube. Resulting in superior patient comfort and more convenient user handling


    • Available in sterile and non-sterile.
    • ENFit ® connectors.
    • Biocompatible
    • Kink resistant.
    • Innovative rotating connector ENSwivel®.
    • High-quality Tritan connectors. Tritan is very resistant to aggressive solutions and medicines. It is also extremely break resistant in application.
    • Comprehensive portfolio.
    • Up to 14 day use.
    • DEHP/Latex Free