Multigate Basic Dressing Pack

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Dressing Packs are designed to support an Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT®), ensuring Key-Parts and Key-Sites are protected in any procedure. It has been assessed by the Association for Safe Aseptic Practice (The-ASAP) as the first Dressing Pack in Australia to officially aid an Aseptic Non Touch Technique.

The Dressing Pack contains the following: Aseptic field, dressing tray, paper towel, non-woven swabs, and Plastic forceps blue and yellow.


    • Pack folding supports a safe and efficient opening
    • Tabs provide an effective way to open and position the aseptic field
    • Two-colour system clearly denotes sterile surfaces
    • Trays feature high walls to prevent spills
    • Patented forceps design provides a more secure grip by preventing sideways movement