NeoTech Products LLC Little Sucker Standard with Cover

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Neotech’s patented Little Sucker is the premier suctioning device across a variety of pediatric care environments, especially in the NICU. The original USA made Little Sucker has a soft, flexible tip made from hypoallergenic material. Its durability makes it suitable for parents in a home health setting as well. The clinician-invented Little Sucker Cover is designed to protect the Little Sucker from damage, debris and external contaminants. And the bright blue color makes it easier to find.


    • Designed for single handed suctioning
    • Thumb port for intermittent suctioning
    • Soft, flexible tip similar to a bulb syringe
    • Not made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP
    • Cover is designed to protect the Little Sucker from damage, debris and external contaminants
    • Bright blue color for better visibility
    • Noise reducing port plug
    • Length - Thumb port to tip 75mm

Indications for Use:

  • The Little Sucker is indicated for use as a tip for suction tubing to aspirate fluids from the mouth and nares.
  • The Little Sucker Cover is indicated for use to protect the Little Sucker.
Suggested Use:

  • Unplug thumb port and slide Little Sucker out of Little Sucker Cover (if applicable).
  • Connect barbed end of Little Sucker to suction line.
  • Set suction to appropriate pressure per hospital protocol or physician recommendation.
  • Block thumb port with thumb to begin suctioning.
  • Suction mouth or nares with intermittent suctioning. Note: For intermittent suctioning, unblock thumb port to stop suctioning. Block thumb port again to continue suctioning.
  • Suction sterile water through Little Sucker after each use.
  • Reinsert Little Sucker into Little Sucker Cover (if applicable).
  • Insert port plug into Little Sucker thumb port (if applicable).
  • Replace Little Sucker and/or Little Sucker Cover every 24 hours or per hospital protocol, whichever is sooner.

    • Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
    • For oral and nasal use only.
    • Inserting the Little Sucker too far into the mouth or nares can cause tissue trauma
    • The Little Sucker and Little Sucker Cover should remain free of debris.
    • Single patient use only.