Nutricia Flocare Infinity Feeding Pump

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  • Continuous feeding: flow rates 1-400ml in 1ml increments.
  • Automatic priming.
  • Automatic free flow protection to prevent free-flow of feed and associated complications.
  • Continuous dual memory for easy programming.
  • 24 hour battery capacity (at 125ml/hr).
  • LCD screen with large self-explanatory display.
  • Extensive alarm options (including air and occlusion alarms, end of dose and battery capacity).
  • Access to Back Menu for Healthcare Professionals with:
  • Compatible with Flocare® InfinityTM feeding sets
  • See Nutricia’s ‘A step-by-step guide to setting up Nutricia’s ready to hang system’ for detailed directions for use. Storage
  • Store in a clean, dry environment