Nutrison Pack 1000ml

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  • Suitable as a sole source of nutrition
  • 15g of MF6# fibre blend per 1000ml pack: to help maintain normal bowel function.
  • Whey-dominant P4 protein blend: in line with international recommendations on protein quality/ amino acid profile and for gastro-intestinal tolerance benefits.
  • Fish oils: to provide Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).
  • Medium chain triglycerides (MCT): for easier fat digestion and absorption.
  • Enriched with carotenoids: in line with general health recommendations for their antioxidant properties and positive effect on immune function.
  • 1000ml ready-to-hang pack and 500ml plastic bottle formats: provides flexibility for different feeding methods e.g. closed-system pump delivery, syringe bolus.


For the dietary management of:

  • Disease-related malnutrition.
  • Patients requiring a residue-restricted diet.
Important Notice
  • Not for parenteral use.
  • Not suitable for patients with galactosaemia.
  • Not suitable for patients with cow’s milk protein allergy.
  • Not suitable for infants under 1 year of age.
  • Use with caution in children aged 1-6 years of age.
  • Use with caution in individuals with a seafood allergy.

    Directions for Use

    • Shake well before use.
    • Use at room temperature.
    • Handle aseptically to ensure product remains sterile.
    • Usage to be determined by a healthcare professional.
    • Store in a cool, dry place.
    • Once opened, store in the refrigerator.
    • Discard unused contents after 24 hours.

    Quantity per Carton
    8 packs per carton