Tena Pants Maxi Large 10's

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TENA Pants Maxi are white, soft and comfortable, disposable incontinence pants for men and women with pull up fit just like regular underwear. 


  • Breathable materials they are designed for soft comfort. 
  • Core with maximum absorbency that quickly and effectively locks in liquid for total security.
  • Dual Absorption Zone, that efficiently channel moisture away from the body for optimum dryness and protection.
  •  Integrated leakage barriers provide additional security. 
  • Reliable protection against leakage for an active lifestyle and confidence, no matter the situation.
  • Triple Protection from leaks, odour & moisture Dual Absorption Zone for optimum dryness and protection Breathable material for soft comfort.
  • Waist: 100-135cm
  • Absorbency: 2500ml
  • 10 per pack